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Yosemite Falls Reflections 2
Wildflower along Merced River
Tenaya Lake Reflections
Cathedral Peak Sunset
Salsify Seed Ball
Merced River and Fall Dogwood 2
Dogwood and Bridalveil Falls
Dogwood and Half Dome
Cooks Meadow Fall Colors
Fall Dogwood and Bridalveil Falls
Merced River Winter
Fall Dogwood Grove
Spring Dogwoods
Fall Dogwood and Fir
Fall Dogwood and the Merced River
Fall Dogwood and the Merced River
Black Oaks Fall El Capitan Meadow
Redbud and the Merced River
Pines and Stars
Fall Dogwoods and the Merced River
El Capitan Meadow Fall Colors
Black Oak Snowstorm
Cascade Creek, Spring