:: Installations & Testimonials ::

                                                          Maple Dance, Zion NP, UT  33x66"                      Home of M & M, Carefree, AZ 

                                                       Bahia Honda, Florida Keys, 42x96"                    Home of R & M, Corte Madera, CA                                                                                      

                                                           Letting Go, Pt Reyes Nat'l Seashore, CA 36x58"       Home of J & P, Dallas, TX

                                                   Poppies, Trees & Clouds, Fredericksburg, TX 35x50"     Home of MA & KR, Los Altos, CA          

                                                      Tunnel View Sunrise, Yosemite NP, 40x56"           Sonora Medical Center, Sonora, CA                    

                                                         Black Oak Sunset, Yosemite NP, 34x46"         Home of JL, Los Gatos, CA                                 

::  Testimonials  ::

 "After nearly 40 years in our home, we have finally found the perfect piece (and peace) for this spot".  .... JL, Los Gatos, CA

"It's absolutely gorgeous, Fred. I love it...could look at it all day! It makes me very happy...MG, Houston, TX


"Fred, you only get better and better. I am proud to be a collector of your art”.... MB, Palo Alto, CA


“Ansel would be proud of your Yosemite Valley picture but the others are an absolute tonic for the soul! VERY very beautiful. Thank you!!”.… SE, Bellevue, WA


“Fred, Just arrived home...Wow! It is beyond our expectations! It is simply gorgeous! Thank you for helping to make our home so beautiful! .... NM, Rochester, MI


“Your spectacular Bristlecone arrived and it is in perfect shape! I love it and can’t believe that it is really mine. So glad I splurged and went with the larger picture. It is just right!”.... RM, Hobart, IN


"I just saw your new work. I’m blown away. Your work amazes me. I’ll have to get more. We love the one we have. I love looking at your website and meditating to them. You rock, Fred!" .... CR, Palo Alto, CA