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Aspen Patterns
Aspen Stand
Fall colors, fall, trees, aspens, san juan mountains, co, colorado, durango, rockies, mountains
Fall Medley
Cathedral Rock, Sunset
Sunset, Red Rock Crossing
Twilight, Red Rock Crossing
Grand Canyon Sunset
Grand Canyon Sunset
Grand Canyon Sunrise, Mather Pt
Sunrise Oxbow Bend
Moulton Barn and the Big Dipper
Moulton Barn & the Big Dipper
Three Fall Aspens
Dawn at Schwabacher Landing
Rainbow and Aspens
Oxbow Bend Fall Sunrise
Oxbow Bend Fall Sunrise
Ripples, Green River
mountains, Wyoming, wy, Tetons, Grand Teton Park, landscape, Fall, trees, aspens, fall color, jackson, molten barn, stars, night...
Fall Tapestry
Aspen Reflections on the Snake River
Moulton Barn and Teton Sunrise
Snake River and the Grand Tetons